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Real Time Monitoring

Client Services

VPS  provides security services for Individuals, Private Businesses, Educational Facilities, Houses of Worship, Retail Stores and others.





Our Security Guards are trained for all your needs requiring attention to details.





VPS staff have been carefully prepared for personal covert protective services. These highly sensitive issues are carried out with the utmost professionalism. 





If your business is high profile, or highly secret, we are vigilantly committed to the confidentiality of our client's needs.


•    At VPS, training is an essential part of our commitment to our most precious resources; our employees and clients.  All VPS guards receive ongoing training in the use of lethal and less-lethal options which will enable them to appropriately handle an emergency.  Our professional security officers receive basic first-aid and CPR training as well as emergency preparedness and mitigation skills.  VPS is your first line of protection!  We train our employees to ensure your safety and intended quality of life.

    •    Understanding people is our business.  Workplace safety is paramount and the VPS security professional integrates themselves into our clients' environment ensuring everyone’s safety.  The professionals at VPS are trained in domestic violence, pattern matching recognition, and how to be culturally aware regarding many situations.

    •    VPS promises to always be fair by displaying integrity and ethical awareness. Our security professionals are chosen based on these personal characteristics.


Weapons Training
Firearms Qualifications
CPR & First-Aid Training
Certification Program

State of Tennessee standards require training in criminal and civil laws and liabilities, less-lethal options training and periodic refresher courses for security officers. 


VPS is a licensed Certified Trainer (license ID #: 931775) for armed and unarmed security officers.

In addition to the State's standardized requirements,  VPS, in conjunction with Blue Marlin Safety, train their officers with the ability to respond to emergencies requiring first-aid and CPR. Their training includes dealing with specific situations like domestic violence, integrity & ethics, sexual harassment, gaining intelligence and what to do with the information to benefit the client and our personnel.  This additional intensive training serves to distinguish our officers as true professionals within their field. 

Applicants Training Form
Applicants Fingerprint Card

  • Pattern Matching and Recognition

  • Surveillance and intelligence detection

  • Multi-state licensed

VPS is your first line of protection! Professionally trained security officers and excellent customer service. We understand the importance of preparedness and mitigation.

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